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Basic of Printed Wiring Board Technology
for Non-Japanese Technicians
By Tadashi Kobayashi
Translated by Akikazu Shibata
Date of issue: September 1, 2002
Price 2,100 Yen
A5 Size 34 Pages
    Off-shore production of printed wiring board (PWG, often written simply board in this book) by Japanese manufacturers is increasing significantly as a result of economic globalization. This book is prepared as an introductory textbook to prepare for the First and Second Level Technical Skill Tests especially for non-Japanese technicians who come to Japan for the training of the PWB technology. This book is an excerpt of the book, "Introduction to the Printed Wiring Board Technology" one of the Purintoban-Juku series of JPCA written by the author.
    Technicians coming to Japan from abroad have a limited knowledge of the PWB technology in addition to the handicap of difficulty in understanding the Japanese language. The text in the Japanese edition of this book is restated using simpler Japanese words for easy understanding of the technology. The Japanese readings are added after Chinese characters used in the text (not applicable to this text in English). Some descriptions of terms are also changed for this purpose.
    This book states only the very basics of the PWB technology. It is difficult to train technicians by this book alone for the entire fields of the PWB technology. This book may be used to obtain introductory knowledge of the technology for technicians who come to Japan for the first time for technical training. It is strongly encouraged to study further details of the technology using other textbooks of this series of the "Purintoban-Juku".

1. Types of Printed Wiring Board
 1.1 Single-sided Board
 1.2 Double-sided Board
 1.3 Multilayer Board

2. Copper Clad Laminate
 2.1 Structure
 2.2 Manufacturing Process of Copper Clad Laminate, Prepreg, and Shielded Board
 2.3 Specifications of Copper Clad Laminate

3. Solder Resist and Symbol Mark

4. Manufacturing Process of Single-sided Board
 4.1 Manufacturing Process
 4.2 Formation of Conductor Pattern (Etching)

5. Manufacturing of Double-sided Boar
 5.1 Manufacturing Process
 5.2 Formation of a Via

6. Manufacturing of Multilayer Board
 6.1 Manufacturing Process
 6.2 Lamination

7. Formation of Patterns
 7.1 Formation of Conductor Pattern
 7.2 Formation of Resist Pattern
 7.3 Elements of Screen Printing
 7.4 Structure of Dry Film

8. Hole Machining

9. Plating

10. Tooling Hole

11. Quality of Printed Wiring Board
 11.1 Defects in Conductor Pattern
 11.2 Defects in Plated Through-hole

12. Design
 12.1 Circuit Diagram Example
 12.2 Design Rule

13. Component Assembly
 13.1 Electronic Components and Types of Assembly
 13.2 Size Electronic Components and Pitch between Terminals

14. Terms used in Printed Wiring Board Technology

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